A unique setting: the Pointe du Raz

This is one of France’s official ‘grand sites’, recognized for its authenticity. Located on the western tip of Brittany, the Baie des Trépassés is also famous for its regular waves and unique configuration. It’s a setting that’s both secure and awe-inspiring, right between the soaring cliffs of the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van, the twin coastal points of France’s Land’s End.

The waters of the Sein and the Raz regulate the swell coming in, so it’s always possible to surf here, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced surfer. The surf zone itself extends over 600m of beach, guaranteeing several peaks plus a wave to the right that licks the rocks of the Pointe du Van for more technical surfing. The creek to the left, on the other hand, is only accessible during very high tides and offers two peaks that are equally deep. This beach therefore offers ideal conditions for everyone to surf happily and enjoy themselves every day of the year.

The Cap Sizun: where the land begins

Here, over 100km of coastline means that you have all the beaches, creeks and rocky points you could need to feel far removed from everyday life. This great variety of beaches means that we can always find a spot with swell and where the wind is coming from the right direction. As it’s right on the prow of Europe, you’ll feel storms like nowhere else, but there are other treasures in this part of Brittany, including some that are unique to this westernmost area known as the Cap Sizun.

The Surf School of Audierne-Pointe du Raz operates throughout the Bay. The Cap Sizun begins in Plouhinec on the beaches of Gwendrez, Mesperleuc and Kersiny, following on through Audierne with its port, Lenezik, and grows more powerful in Esquibien with the Île aux Vaches, Lervily and St Tugen, before reaching Primelin and the Plage du Loch beach. Finally, there’s Plogoff and the famous Baie des Trépassés, where surf is always on the menu, all year round.